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woman with open mouth

Why is Everybody in the Office so Sensitive!

My Thai client was a 38-year-old female working for 7 years as a senior Human Resource Manager. He approached me for an executive coaching session. Objective:  I want to communicate more effectively to my team throughout my daily work. Desired Outcome: I want to be able to speak in a calming and peaceful manner where […]

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man climbs stairs

High Potential Coaching

Situation: Company is a world leading financial sector organisation The company is renowned for its talent development at all levels Coaching with a third-party had rarely been used for maximising the development of high potential managers. There was nervousness and a degree of scepticism about adopting coaching – healthy concerns that needed to be addressed […]

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woman holds balloon

Change my old belief system about feeling “guilty” with a positive reframe!

A 40-year-old Asian female who has been a business consultant and artist for 15 years. Her objective – “I want to stop feeling guilty when I receive presents from others.” Issue:  The Law of Attraction that keeps on giving – In my client’s life she has always been the recipient of presents, rewards, grants, contributions, […]

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