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What is Digital Security?

As the digital world becomes increasingly interconnected with our daily lives, it’s more essential to protect our data and devices. Our connected technology such as smartwatches and baby monitors, and from digital wallets, to cryptocurrency, is prone to cyberattacks. These can lead to data breaches, ransomware attacks as well as other devastating consequences. It’s crucial to know about the importance of digital security to protect yourself and your loved ones from these risks.

Digital security refers to the collection of tools and best practices that help improve security on the internet against threats that could harm or compromise your personal or business data. It offers a range of tools that can help you protect your privacy and safety on the internet, ranging from antivirus software to password management. It also requires you to take steps to keep your devices and applications updated and secure, and adhering to a general “cyber hygiene” routine.

The security of confidential information is an important challenge at every level of society from government agencies that protect state secrets to network security: the backbone of digital commerce businesses whose entire business models depend on the data of their customers and products. The people who work in digital security must be highly competitive, enthused and willing to learn constantly to keep up with the rapid-changing field.

The OECD is a prominent global partner in the area of digital security. We work to create and promote policies that strengthen trust without inhibiting the benefits of digital transformation. Our work in digital security takes place through the OECD Working Party on Security in the Digital Economy and the Committee on Digital Economy Policy.

Jennifer Kalkhoven

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